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Wijngaard Natie Logistics – Atlantic nv

Vrieskaai 98, Haven 99, B2030 Antwerp, Belgium

Tel: +32 3 542 70 25
Fax: +32 3 542 70 91

Wijngaard Natie NV, founded in 1864, is an independent private group. The company has its headquarters in the port of Antwerp, Belgium.

Wijngaard Natie NV is divided into 5 business units, each with its specific activity:
1) Antwerp Stevedoring International: terminal operator
2) Atlantic: freight forwarding and project management
3) Conpack: maritime packing company and container freight station
4) Wijngaard Natie TPI: warehousing and value added services
5) Wijngaard Natie Transport: port & European road transport

The approach of our company towards its customers is an open long term commitment in order to fulfill the quality requirements of the client and to guarantee a continuous improvement of the services. A regular and open communication with your company is the basis for a successful co-operation.

To offer the required services to its customers, Wijngaard Natie has substantially invested during the past years. The largest investment has been in our All Weather Terminal at our terminal in the port of Antwerp. This maritime terminal with a surface of 355.000sqm of which 55.000sqm with brand new warehouses, has been entirely renovated during the past 2 years and is specialised in handling of iron, steel and project cargo.

Our key-commodities are:
1) project cargo & machinery
2) iron and steel

Our mission is to offer “reliable solutions for cargo flows” and we hope that we can get in contact.


Mr. Patrick Rubenska
Mobile: +32 491 159 663

Mr. Marc Huybrechts, General Manager Logistics – Atlantic nv

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