Membership Conference 2019

8th Annual Priority Cargo Network
Membership Conference

ACHAT Plaza City-Bremen, Bremen, Germany, May 20, 2019

The 8th Annual Priority Cargo Network Membership Conference was be held in the ACHAT Plaza City-Bremen Hotel in Germany on May 20, 2019 conveniently one day before opening of the Breakbulk Europe 2019 Exhibition in the same city. The conference was conducted together with Cargo Equipment Experts CEE members and invited guests as done during the previous years.

Member presentations and discussions about the past, present and future of the networks and about the market outlook contributed to a fruitful meeting. The attending members of both networks voted for the 2020 membership conference to be in Bremen again, a day ahead of the Breakbulk Exhibition opening next year.

After the conference and member-to-member meetings the group enjoyed a guided tour through the Beck’s Beer Brewery. A dinner onboard the Alexander von Humboldt sailing ship on the river Weser concluded the day.